News and Events


2020 the year we'd like to forget! It is a trying time, however despite the
restrictions Guild members are still meeting every Saturday via ZOOM. If you have
access to the internet, you don't need any additional software to join in. However
you will need a microphone/speaker & camera on your device. Generally we start at
9:00 and finish at about 4:00. Depends on who has the most staying power! This day is
lovely. It is similar to face-to-face meetings - lots of chat & laughter & people
talking over each other. Technical support is always available. It is great to see
familiar faces & catch up. Most people share their stitching progress for the day.
If you'd like to join in, please contact The Secretary who will assist you to get

Many of the Guild members are stitching a needlepoint tapestry patch so we can
make a banner to commemorate Covid-19. Members are welcome to contribute and again
The Secretary has the kits and will mail one out to you with the appropriate

Members have been doing wonderful work as usual. If you'd like to see their progress,
& other photos of interest, please log in to our Facebook page

Come ZOOM with me,
Its such a lovely day,
Grab your shears & stitch the time away
Come ZOOM with me, let's ZOOM, let's ZOOM today

We hope members & their families are well & wish you all the best.